CPM MagnaCut blades back in stock. Get ready to plane more and sharpen less.

CPM MagnaCut Handplane & Spokeshave Blades

Tired of sharpening all of the time? Then you’ll love these blades. Upgrade your vintage Stanley® as well as Lie-Nielsen®, Veritas® and WoodRiver® tools.

Plane more - Sharpen less.

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Hard Maple Workbench Vises

Fast, smooth, tactile - time to enjoy your workbench.

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Moxon Vises

Portable workholding - saw dovetails anywhere you like.

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Milwaukee Quick Release Vises

Cast iron rapid action vises - robust and easy to use.

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Marking Knife

Beautiful and functional - you’ll always be ready to make your mark.

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Miter Jack

Wooden vise hardware to build your very own miter jack vise - excellent for trimming tenons and miters.

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Morgan Machinist Vise

Built with pride in Milwaukee, WI. The last vise you'll ever need.

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Milwaukee Cast Iron Vises

Built in Milwaukee, WI. Rugged iron and steel vise screws - suitable for leg vise, tail vise, face vise and shoulder vise installations

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Wagon and Shoulder Vise Kits

Solid hard maple wagon and shoulder vises.

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Maple Workbench Stock

Solid Maple Workbench Components. 4"x6"x36" Workbench Leg Stock now available.

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Individual Components

Individual components, including handles, vise screws and nut blocks.

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