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The following books are also in our company library and they are great reference materials.  We know that you will enjoy and benefit from them as well.  Just click on the pictures to link where you can purchase them.

Workbench design and construction resources:

Workbenches from design & theory to construction and use
The Workbench
The Workbench Book
The Workbench Book by Scott Landis
The Workbench Design Book
Making Workbenches


General woodworking resources:


Understanding Wood - Book 1
Understanding Wood - Book 2
Illustrated Cabinetmaking
A Reference For Wood
The Woodwright's Shop
The Woodwright's Guide
The Woodwright's Apprentice
The Woodwright's Companion
The Woodwright's Eclectic Workshop


Woodturning Resources: 

Turning For Furniture
Turn a bowl
The Lathe Book
Turning For Furniture
Turning Wood
Turning Bowls

Machining Resources: 


Machine Shop Essentials
Machine Shop Know-How
Machine Shop Trade Secrets
Machine Shop Trade Secrets
CNC Trade Secrets
CNC Book
Machinery's Handbook


Toolbox Version (Smaller Print): 


30 Machinery's Handbook Toolbox Size


Large Print Version:

30 Machinery's Handbook - Large Print Version

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