CPM MagnaCut blades back in stock. Get ready to plane more and sharpen less.

Antique Bench Plane Replacement Blades - CPM MagnaCut

Antique Bench Plane Replacement Blades - CPM MagnaCut

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Experience the incredible performance of our CPM MagnaCut handplane blades. With the highest performance ratings, our blades will blow you away with their superior edge retention, toughness and corrosion resistance. Try them and feel the difference—you won't be disappointed!

  • CPM MagnaCut: powder metal blade steel with ideal characteristics
  • Ultra-fine grain structure including extra hard Vanadium and Niobium carbides for incredible wear resistance: hones to an exceedingly sharp edge, you'll sharpen less often and your blade will last longer
  • Double tempered and cryogenically treated to Rockwell C 62 hardness
  • Unparalleled corrosion resistance
  • .1" thickness designed to work with most antique Stanley / Bailey planes with no modifications.  The additional thickness over factory blades reduces chatter and vibration.  Will require adjusting the frog and possibly filing of the mouth of the plane to accommodate the extra thickness in some instances

Sharpening Note:  As CPM MagnaCut uses Vanadium and Niobium carbides to improve wear resistance, standard aluminum oxide abrasives aren't as effective as harder abrasives.  Diamond stones and lapping film are most effective.

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