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Woodworking Joinery Educational Content

Over 40 years ago, I attended a technical high school and I took the cabinetmaking and carpentry course for several years.  The very first thing that I was taught by the master woodworker who taught the course was how to use hand tools and to do basic joinery.  The following content covers 16 basic joints that were made with only blocks of pine, a plane, handsaw, hand drill and a chisel.  Enjoy!

Joint #1 - Square block and Joint #2 - Chamfer block

Joint #3 - Dado

Joint #4 - Cross lap joint

Joint #5 - Dowel joint

Joint #6 - Mortise and tenon joint

Joint #7 - Through mortise and tenon joint

Joint #8 - Haunched mortise and tenon joint

Joint #9 - Butt joint and Joint #10 - Butt miter joint

Joint #11 - Spline miter joint

Joint #12 - Dowel miter joint

Joint #13 - Half lap dovetail joint

Joint #14 - Dovetail joint

Joint #15 - Keyed mortise and tenon joint

Joint #16 - Multi-angle lap joint


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