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Recommended products

Here is a list of products that we use and recommend.

Aerokroil Penetrating Lubricant

 Aerokroil Penetrating Lubricant is the best we've ever used.  We've tried a number of other less expensive products but keep coming back to this.  It's very rare that a rusty bolt or nut won't come off after getting doused with this stuff.  Having a '95 Land Cruiser, I get to spend lots of time loosening and tightening bolts with a 'classic patina', this stuff has been amazing.  If you know you're going to be working on a project ahead of time, give the bolts a squirt every day or so for a week and your hands will thank you come wrench time.  Note:  we haven't tried Sili Kroil but it is well reviewed.


Powertec Dust Collection Bags

Dust collection bags.  We've used these a number of times and found them to be well made and thicker than average:


Bessey Tradesman Clamps

Bessey Tradesman clamps are very well made in Germany and will last.  We use them in our own shop and they are far superior to their lower priced Chinese made bar clamps.



Boeshield T9 and Rust Free are both products that we use around the shop and like.


Sandflex Sanding Block

These are excellent for removing surface rust from tools.  I reccommend the 3 pack of Coarse, Medium and Fine.  They work incredibly fast and leave a nice smooth surface.



We use this on our jointer and planer tables, it really helps reduce the friction and it's silicone free, shouldn't interfere with finishes.




Crystal Clear Paste Wax


Crystal Clear Paste Wax, I've been using this on my handplanes, tablesaws and lathe beds for about 15 years now and have no complaints.  A can will last a good long time.


Old Brown Glue

We like OBG for joinery as it has a long open time and it helps to lubricate the joint more than typical yellow glue does.


Titebond III

We like Titebond III because it has a longer open time and is waterproof.  No need to worry if you used the right glue for panels or other projects.

Woodturning Tools:


Sorby Steb Centers

Excellent quality woodturning centers, we have a number of them in several sizes in the shop, both live centers and dead centers.  Each of our vises is made using them.


Sorby Woodturning Tools

Well made woodturning tools, we have a number of them and find them to be a good value.


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