CPM MagnaCut Indepenent Test Results

In January 2021, James Wright (Wood by Wright Youtube Channel) conducted a very thorough and well thought out experiment on the commercially available plane blades to determine which had the best edge retention. He published his method and results in a series of videos and included a rather detailed spreadsheet to make sense of the data. A little while back he ran the same test with one of our CPM MagnaCut blades and added the results to the list, you can check out the spreadsheet here:


You'll find the Lake Erie Toolworks blade info if you scroll down and if you scroll over to the "Durability Without Harbor Freight" Graph you can see the plot of the results (lower is better), you'll quickly find the Lake Erie Toolworks results in yellow at the bottom of the graph.

You can also check out the videos that he posted back before he tested our MagnaCut blades where he explains how he ran the test and talks about the different blades and their attributes:

If you aren't already a subscriber of James Wright's Wood by Wright and Wood by Wright How 2 Youtube channels, you should subscribe right now.

CPM MagnaCut Blades


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