CPM MagnaCut blades back in stock. Get ready to plane more and sharpen less.

CPM MagnaCut Handplane Blade Customer Testimonials

Patrick from PA:


Howdy. Love the blade I picked up a couple months ago. Best on the market, that’s no BS. I’m wondering if you’ll have the 2 3/8 in stock soon. I plan on ordering a block plane blade, a 2”, and a couple 2 3/8.

I don’t think I’ve used a different blade in my 51 since getting one. When it dulls I sharpen it on the spot over swapping in an A2 because they chip/leave marks on end grain so quickly. It’s crazy how much better these hold an edge.


Chris from NY state:

Hi, Nick.

I'm  really enjoying the replacement blade that you sent for my L.N. 102. I  sharpened it easily on Shapton 1000 and 16,000 glass stones, adding a one-degree microbevel to produce a 38-degree cutting angle (26-degree sharpness angle + 12-degree bed angle = 38 degrees) as you recommended. It cut cherry end grain beautifully. I shall be ordering about 7 or so replacement bench plane blades from your company soon.  (He did order 7 more)

Andrew M. from Jacksonville, FL:

I really enjoy the irons, Ive tried many different brands for makers of new ones and yours are by far my favorite and the top performers. 

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