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Choosing the Proper Vise

Not sure which wooden vise to choose?  We got you covered.  You can review the chart below to identify the vise type you may want as sorted by Workbench Style (Just click on the "X" for the vise style listed).

You can also better understand the key differences between our regular wooden vises and our 2X wooden vise lineup as well as our Moxon Vise lineup.

Workbench Vise Selection Chart

Workbench Style Leg vise Face vise Wagon vise Shoulder vise Tail vise Twin vise
Roubo X X
Split-top Roubo X X
Moravian X X
Nicholson X
Holtzapffel X
Dominy X
Scandinavian X X X
Traditional X X X
Shaker style X X X

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Wood Vise vs 2X Wood Vise Comparison

Details Wood Vise 2X Wood Vise
Size Large Very large
Speed Fast Twice as fast
Screw diameter 2-1/2" (64mm) 3" (76mm)
# Threads per inch 1 Thread per inch (single start thread) 2 Threads per inch (double start thread)
Vise movement 2 Turns per inch (2TPI) 1 Turn per inch (1TPI)
Recommended minimum leg width for installation 4-1/2" Wide (102mm) but wider is always better 5" Wide (115mm) but wider is always better
Suggested vise style applications Leg vise, Face vise, Twin screw vise, Tail vise Leg vise, Face vise, Twin screw vise
Additional information Link to Wood Vise Link to 2X Wood Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks wood vise 

Moxon Vise vs Moxon Vise Lite Comparison

Details Moxon Vise Moxon Vise Lite
Size Large Medium
Screw Diameter 1-3/4" (45mm) 1-1/4" (32mm)
Vise Movement 3-1/2 Turns Per Inch (3-1/2 TPI) 4 Turns Per Inch (4TPI)
Vise Capacity Thickness 4-1/4" (108mm) 4-1/4" (108mm)
Vise Capacity Width 24" (610mm) 14-1/4" (362mm)
Weight 16 lb (7.3kg) 7-1/2 lb (3.4kg)
Additional Information Link to Moxon Link to Moxon Lite


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